Software packages can be installed only through proprietary software manager on a corporate server to ensure auditability and compliance.
The package manager fails, because it attempts to execute `yum` on an Ubuntu server.

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    Wait what??? What kind of an impostor "package manager" are you talking about?
    I suspect it leverages ansible or some other configmgmt OSS tool and forgot to assert for operating system family support.
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    @NeatNerdPrime You can only dream of some industry standard like Ansible. It's a whole proprietary application for package/software management (SWM) and distribution. Custom CLI interface, own webpage GUI, custom outdated documentation and mandatory options marked as "optional". Sometimes it can't even find details for a package it just showed you in catalogue.

    And absolutely beautiful catch 22: to install the SWM on a new server, you need a password encrypted by SWM. So you must find another server with already existing instance, obtain sufficient permissions to execute it and then get encrypted password to continue the initial SWM installation.
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    Fortunatelly, it's enough to decompile their java class, find the encryption which was used together with hardcoded secret key and salt and you can generate the encrypted keys yourself.
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