Last week I watched a DIY video where at the end the guy dumped detergent water on the grass. I kindly commented it's a €150 fine. Their response was on the lines of "Oh yeah, Mr Proper? And what would you say if I told you I spray my whole garden with soap to get rid of weeds, huh?".

Well, you dumb fuck, I don't care what you do, I wasn't attacking you, I was being *nice* and warned you about the fucking fine that you're going to fucking pay because your channel name is your first and last name and your video shows the street and the house number but whatever.

Today I couldn't log into my YouTube account. Why was that, you might ask? Well, because the dumb fuck paid the fucking fine and assumed I was the one that ratted, so he made a video about it and his dumb fuck audience falsely reported all of my videos for child abuse and promoting terrorism.

I only upload unboxing videos that debunk scummy "deals". 🤦‍♂️

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    What the fuck! This is funny and sad, at the same time. 😂
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    Youtube is a cesspool. And with all their recent censorship they are getting even worse.

    Got it, your channel unboxes kids and guns. How else could it be flagged? lol
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    what....the:...??!!! I guess warning about a fine is racist these days
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    Hmm...I wonder if his IQ actually freezes over winter.. 🤔
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    Social media basically need:

    1. No censoring, unless content is found to be illegal.

    2. A button which reports illegal content to authorities.

    3. Clear law, jurisdiction & authorities which have capacity and regulation to actually deal with reports.

    4. A method to challenge decisions.

    5. Consequences for false reports.

    Of course jurisdiction is an issue, "freedom of speech" differs between countries for example.

    Many US/EU countries have commonalities though -- for example regarding hate speech or inciting violence.

    As such, you could easily have a button "report this comment to authorities".

    Punish transgressions AND punish false reports.

    I used to be pretty hard on the 4-channy side regarding "everything should be allowed online", but I'm wondering if that's truly the way to go. Maybe it's because I'm getting older.

    The more I see people spew slander & slurs, cyber-bully and doxx randoms, the more I think there should be real life consequences to being a jerk online.
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    That's a shame. Do name and shame them.

    Though I do find it ironic that your username is cprn lol
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    Got my account back yesterday and their channel got blocked, LOL.

    @ostream Not my style, man. I just chill and laugh at them from my high standards.

    @bittersweet As long as you have anonymity you don't get consequences. And I'm pro privacy. The 4chan camp, I guess (even though I never used 4chan nor reddit nor twitter, etc).
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    @cprn At least you got some justice!

    Usually the YouTube legal system is just incredibly unfair, random and frustrating.
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    Probably the least dev-ranty comment and won't help the dude that already fucked all his soil, but....

    If you want to make a highly-effective, and eco-friendly weedkiller, here's the recipe:
    50:1 ratio of 35% (read: commercial strength) vinegar to food-grade limonene. Apply with a spray-bottle.

    Vinegar is naturally produced through fermentation of vegetation and naturally occurs widely in nature. Limonene is the primary essential oil in citrus fruits and in its pure form it can be purchased food-grade and is edible in small amounts to humans.

    When applied at these strengths, it's toxic to plants. *But*, after the plants die, nature/soil microorganisms regularly encounter these substances and can break them down into harmless byproducts in time. No bioaccumulation, nothing that mammals don't already consume in their diets, no Monsanto!
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    I find it quite suspicious you were reported for child porn while your username is cprn
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    @SkuunAn Well, that's on you. 🤷‍♂️
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