Before starting a job at company CUNT, we had an interview at which I told them I do not want to work on legacy monolithic codebases. We had a nice agreement and they offered me to work as a back-end with one of their projects. I was super excited to start. CUNT was very culty, always talks about how carrying for employees they are and always keep promises on their end of the table.

A week has passed, the codebase is superb legacy shit hole, no fucking standards, monolithic as fuck (BE and FE projects live in one project folder with tons of depreciated tools - there are no docs for them. That’s how old they are). They even have secret folder in their project with YOU GUESSED IT - secret keys.

Told CTO today, that I want to switch projects, because this was not the thing I signed up for and remember THEY ALWAYS CARE ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES AND PROMISES MADE. He basically told me, that project owners (other company) will not understand this culturally and I can either wait it out and possibly get my hands on a better project or fuck off right now.

Also, I was told, that my judgment was garbage worth and I should work longer with project “shit hole” to fully understand it.

Such a fucking salesman.

Anyways, I told that this situation is not culturally appropriate for me either as they gave me a sort of promise and I wont leave the company as I just switched jobs and cannot afford to do that again. I’ll hopefully get another position in another project soon.


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    @molaram Accurate.
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    Sounds like an exit is needed and a good glassdoor type post would be handy.

    Specific examples like that I think are more handy one sites where you see a lot of 'managers are bad'... but examples like that are hard to ignore.
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    Yes, a Glassdoor review and job hunt should be your next step.

    Many companies don't give a fuck about number of switches if the candidate is good and especially when you have such legitimate reasons.

    Link this post in your cover letter, you'll start getting calls soon.
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    @Floydimus Thanks, will definitely do that!

    Actually, got an offer to lecture software development in a academy (would pay x 0.5 too).
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    Brilliant, will do that. My first Glassdoor review! :D
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    Checking-in unencrypted secrets into repos is fucked up. They should really fix that. You should come forward with a proposal. If this is a Github or internet hosted repo, they are one click away from a data leak.
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    I advise not doing the glass door review until you're gone ;)
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    @impermanentcode Yeah, no shit, haha
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