10 years of repeating cycles of the following:

them: yeah, this is a gamedev position, c#, unity, prototyping, maybe some hololens r&d

me: cool! exactly what i was looking for, as i said a few times, i can't do php anymore, it literally causes me literal deppression.

them: don't worry, we have people for thaz, but we have nobody for c# and unity, with some art skills feel as well as you do.

me: great, glad we're on the same page. i'm taking the job! <3

them: great! oh btw, there's this enterprise intranet app in php that needs some additions, can you please do them?

me: ... what did we talk about during my interview?

them: yeah, but it's just gonna be a short thing, don't worry.

me: ...well...ok, i think i can do that.

*3 to 6 months still on the same, or the next, php enterprise bullshit app. i'm totally exhausted in all ways possible, stressed literally permanently, dreading every day, every new ticket, every meeting every contact with everyone, not able to give a shit about what i do anymore, thinking about suicide*

them: you lazy incompetent fuckup, you're fired!

* i stop communicating and coming out of my room for anything else than toilet, and shopping. stop communicating with my friends, with anyone, anxiety and exhaustion caused by even the thought of talking to anyone about anything, or doing anything, is usually unbearable. i spend 3 to 8 months like this, just sleeping, drinking, watching youtube, sometimes playing games but even that "activity", or rather even the thought of that "activity" is often exhausting. after that time, i kind of recuperate emotionally and mentally, start looking for another unity+c# gamedev job, find it, apply,
goto #interview

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    What about making your own games and publishing the same, I personally don't like jobs especially for creators
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    @Eklavya isn't everyone a creator?
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    @Eklavya been trying the whole time. the described cycle makes it difficult since on the end of the burnout phase, when i'm starting to be able to do something, i'm usually out of money if not outright in debt, so i need/have to go for a job again.
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    This is me and frontend. I "can" help with it if necessary, but the reason I left my previous job was because that's all I ended up doing.

    "Ohoho not to worry, we have plenty of backend and C# projects for you"

    Step 1: We need a hotfix for this legacy jQuery thing, can you do it?

    Step 2: The guy maintaining the jQuery thing is retiring and you are the only one who has worked on it.

    Step 3: Cry on devrant.
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    @ltlian yeah, frontend vs backend+c# is about the same difference as fullstack (even including c# on the back) vs unity+c#...
    ...i feel ya... ;')
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    @Floydimus Personally I'm more of a destroyer. I identify a lot with mushrooms. I see half-rotten code, nestle in, spread my mycelium, yell at people, unravel everything from the inside with toxic enzymes until nothing is left, then I fart out a loud puff of black spores infesting the next piece of rotting tech debt.

    I call creators "people who resist the inevitable entropy". Everything falls apart sooner or later. Better just speed it up a bit.
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    @bittersweet lol as always, I loved that.

    Now that I see it that way, this reminds me of my destructive days of being a tester.
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    lol bro hit ya boy up. I have made good money just fixing legacy UGLY php code. I LOVE php, and wield it properly. But I know that the horrors that shitty developers spew out can leave a man in depression.

    Not to worry baby gurl, your cowboy here can deal with it and you can go back to the things that make you happy.

    I like money. I will code on anything for money.
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