The Salesforce developer console.
It’s torture of a very high order.

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    Cannot ++ this enough.

    Fuck Salesforce.
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    Oh and don't forget the debug logs...
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    Salesforce DX in vsCode + financialForce's log analyzer - it's on GitHub.

    Why punish yourself?
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    @C0D4 SF is managed by a bunch of idiots that won't allow me to change the settings within Salesforce to allow that to work.

    I literally have to promote my code through a sandbox that I develop in. This is the same sandbox that they wipe clean every two weeks.

    So every two weeks I have to go copy that bullshit out of git into the sandbox if they want changes.
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    @sariel enable dev hub in the sandbox.

    You still use changesets (generally speaking) or use something like clickdeploy if you want something a little easier to manage deployments - but as you said idiots run the show 🙈

    But just being able to not use that atrocity of a console is a world of a difference.

    I can't use Ci/CD due to data requirements for sandboxes, but I refuse to do it all manually.
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    @C0D4 I'm actually in the process of moving everything off of SF and building an event stream.

    Then Salesforce does whatever bullshit it's supposed to do and my code will do whatever I tell it to do.

    Cutting the middleman out so I don't have to deal with our shitty sales team.
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    @C0D4 Didn’t know about the log analyser, thanks. I reckon we’d still need to use the console for test classes and queries.
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    @bizAnalyst vsCode can handle the tests - tends to timeout though so console I really only use for tests these days.

    you can use soql queries from vsCode using the Salesforce cli.
    Highlight a query, and right click -> run query.

    Making classes, Vf pages, LWC / Aura components ect., can all be done from vsCode and pushed / pulled and diffed (think git diff against the org and local), just need to be sure you make the correct -meta.xml files when doing so.
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