Client : I am unable to download data from your sever for last 10 days.

Me : Sir, we are sorry to hear that. We are doing some maintenances on our server from this morning today. We request you to call back us in next 4 hours.

Client : But i am facing this problem for last 10 days.

Me: Sir, i heard you. As maintenance is going on it will not be possible to download data this time.

Client: From when this maintenance is going on?

Me: from this morning sir.

Client : but i am facing this probolem for last 10 days.

Me: Sir, you are not understanding it, or may be i am failing to describe the situation to you...

Client: Listen, you guys are incapable. Only knows to make excuse.

Me: Sir..

Client: Sorry to say, i am not Happy with your support. Let me talk to your senior tech guy.

Me : Sir, your problem will be solved in next 4 hours. We will call you as soon as our server went online.

Client: *.....*

It took me 20 minutes to finally make him understand the situation.

Client: Why did not you said that earlier? You guys will have all the time but i do not. Anyway.

He hangs the phone.

My ears are burning man...

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    You make it sound like like he has a different issue then what the maintenance is fixing...

    His query is that he doesn't understand how you didn't know for 10 days and that the maintenance is just a regular thing you do so you fixing it could just do nothing for him

    What you need to say is some users have been experiencing problems and we have found the issue and are fixing it this morning
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    But I had a problem for the past 10 days
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    @FitzSuperUser yes. I failed to make him understand.
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    I have to side with your client on this one.
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    @Grundeir you can. But i think, i underestimated his understandings. I thought that he will understand the situation instantly. But his tone suggest me he does not want to hear any excuses or reason now as he already suffered.
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    @abcdev to survive "Support" work, always start your support with assumption that the customer has a null tech knowledge, if he isn't, he will prove you otherwise from his very first reply and then re adjust your speech.
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    Sounds like a transcript of a phone call with an indian tech support call center.
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