getting into dev work is such a shit show. thinking back 2 years ago I decided to switch career so went on bootcamp and starting looking for junior role.

as you know full well all jobs requires 5+ years when the tech has only been around 3. Anyhow, got a junior full stack role at a start up, all good , great pace (cos of startup) and wide range of tech to learn. one minute i am doing great , next day I am not good enough and got let go (WTF?) ,also whats up with some backend devs Jesus why wouldnt you let me put a " on aws because you are the backend dev what the fuck is wrong with your ego man?

fun story number 2: after being let go of my first role due to being good dev for one day and bad the next. I went for an intern role for really low paid. well fair enough I am here to learn right guys? nope, i have experience with the main tech from my last job and I managed the take home test and despite I told them i have more experience front end they criticise my backend code , despite i was able to tell them what I have done not so well and I have found a better solution AT THE INTERVIEW. still not good enough. I was really doubting myself If I am that shit at being an fucking intern with a stack I have experience in.

fast forward another job interview I landed my current role with fantastic culture, good line manager & tech lead. nice colleague and I am being treated like a prince with the work i put in. Why is this industry so fucked?

so, folks out there trying to get into this game. dont lose hope, you can do it , you just need to get fucked a bit to know whats good out there!

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    It is only the HR people who keep putting stones in my way. Someone needs to hire a hitman.

    Jk... unless...
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    welcome to devrant.

    you just described both sides of why this community exists.

    enjoy your stay.
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    Honestly, I wonder about this. I've had multiple jobs in which: I absolutely suck according to some, and I am a king according to others.

    Most people in a nerdy centric environment tend to be really judgmental and confrontational in things: i.e YOU ARE USING OOP WITHOUT DEPENDENCY INJECTION?! ARE YOU A FUCKING RETARD??????? YOUR SCALA CODE IS NOT PURELY FUNCTIONAL BECAUSE SCALA IS NOT A PURE FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE - REAL DEVS USE HASKELL and similar bullshit.

    I never take such items to heart and normally state that devs are a bunch of neckbeards with the social skills of an unbaked wet potato FOR THE MOST PART and that there are shitty people in all industries. Devs just seem to irritate me the most out of all industries i have worked with.

    Oh, and welcome to the community man!
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    @AleCx04 yeah it’s one thing to follow bad practice but shit some people just can’t be worked with, shooting you down bc there’s that one design pattern you don’t know, there’s that one security practice you don’t know, and thus you’re a shit dev who should be cleaning toilets at Burger King with your inferior intellect. Pretentious snobbish assholes with their fucking best practice bibles are about as bad as the dumbass dev who writes shit code and makes a mess
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    @AleCx04 that's funny, i just had a job where i was absolutely great while doing it, and then absolutely the worst when the project finished - according to the very same set of people.
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