"What would your perfect job look like?"

I remember when I got my first 'good' job. There were all these offices that were occupied and I wondered what everyone did in them. Some ... nobody even knew. Like I couldn't find one person in the office who knew what a given person occupying an office even DID...

I thought then (and I kinda think now) it would be fun to have one of those jobs that seems accountable to nobody and everyone at the office wonders:

"What does that guy even do here!?!?!"

Granted I'd probably just come in every day and work on a lot of personal projects (dare to dream) ... with the door closed... in peace...

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    I was doing industrial controls work at a company as an EE. My boss on a project was a mechanical engineer.

    My boss said to me and another EE, "I don't understand what you guys do."

    I responded: "And we endeavor to keep it that way."

    Understandably my boss was not happy with this response.
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    No job 100% passive income that's my perfect job.
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