BSoDs/scenario I've had in 5 months:
Watching a video on VLC: 5
Chrome running normally: 2
Chrome running while waking up from sleep:3
Working on WSL: 2
Updating: 1

Seriously though. VLC? (╯°□°)╯

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    Sounds like there is something very wrong with your computer, bad drivers / poor over clock etc?

    Despite what people like to think Windows won't throw bluescreens at you for no reason.
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    Nope, no OC or customizing. It's a new-ish laptop, got it last October, and I dual-boot w/Ubuntu for most of my actual work, so Windows was running quite clean.
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    @sysm9 hello there fellow dual-booter! Small tip: set windows' internal clock to UTC to avoid time zone troubles when switching.
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    I know that one. Been dual booting for years. Thank you nevertheless, I appreciate the consideration :)
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    I've had one BSOD on my life, and it was because of a dying hard drive. I dunno why your system is so unstable
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    @darksideplease I myself set the time service to start on boot - now it refreshes everytime. Ubuntu never had problems and windows is problem free since then
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