In Malaysia for some reason Chinese and Indians are considered as outsider. Some Malays are considering themselves are native (actually the Orang Asli are the native). Many politicians attempt to even startled a racial fight against the non- Malays. My country is operated by a closed system. Most Dutch , US companies are leaving Malaysia due to the unfairness.

Before this I worked in a Dutch company in Malaysia , where lately the company declare bankruptcy as my respectable boss told me what happened. Later I learnt, in order for a foreigner to start a company in Malaysia , a transaction of transfering have of the company assets and name under an assigned Malay man by the government.

The racism here is real and crazy. It is no surprise most Malaysian migrating to Taiwan, China Singapore , Thailand and some western countries.

I hate racism. Recently I heard news about western countries still have the hatred against Asians which I abort the idea of migrating there. But in my country Asians are hating other kind of Asians before for being different Asian.

May be I should just get my arse back to Mongolia (where my ancestors will be )

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    Racism sucks man. Big time! It’s sad that people go to any length to be racist.

    “Both parties asian? Fine, we will discriminate against people whose ancestors were not of our own country.”

    Whenever you feel like leaving your country for a while, come to India. Delhi, specifically. It’s not ideal at all but I would love to have some chai-parantha with you and rant about racism.

    Just to end this comment on a good note: FUCK RACISTS!
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    @Cyanide exactly , Fuck racism!
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    Confusingly, the only real quantity of racists here in the states are whites that hate whites. I really don’t understand.

    There are a handful of others, of course, but most of them have/are dying out. Generational thing from the wars and all. There is getting to be a lot more hatred towards the Chinese, though.

    But I digress. I’m sad to hear about Malaysia. Xenophobia and nationalizing of companies? That never ends well.
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    Well i was hoping to visit Malaysia after all this calmed down

    Guess not then
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    I just feel like the world is getting more and more intolerant and that scares me + breaks my heart. It’s happening from Asia to Europe to Africa. Everywhere.
    We miss out on meeting some pretty cool people being stuck up and insisting on only being around our kind.
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    Insecure people tend to be more "closed source" only thinking themselves, their family, their tribe.

    It's not only race. As @Cyanide is telling, they'll go to all lengths to do the Other-ing. Race, nationality, language, religion - once those are done - dialects, region, caste, tribe..... List goes on.

    It's only a downward spiral till the "hunger" sets in and the culture starts reviving towards openness.
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