This is so awful and familiar and I know I figured out what was wrong that I HAVE To post it.


I had to make it animated. I don't feel a big blob image really illustrated the issue.

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    god life and consciousness are so different when i'm sleeping in my own bed away from people trying to make me nuts
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    you know whats not different ?
    knowing they should be shot.
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    I don’t know man. World has gone to shit. It really is a crazy place.
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    @Cyanide yes but do you see that ?
    I call append once on one objects array property
    once on another objects array property
    two different addresses
    two different objects
    two different self's
    two different values
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    @Cyanide but yes the world still is crazy
    betcha its a python problem
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    @YouAllSuck I think we need a more outward looking approach. We should stop thinking about ourselves. Or maybe we should only and only think about ourselves. They say human beings are social beings. But we are here after the whole anti-social corona fiasco, aren’t we?

    But slowly and steadily, we need to build a world out of our current one that is not as shit as the current one but also is not boring as fuck. We do need conflicts and all, but they should be mentally challenging not physically dangerous.

    Let’s start the new world today. You and I, will be the Adams of the new world. But I am a heterosexual so I might need a female to start the new world on my end. Hope you find a compatible female too.

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    @Cyanide the fraud that is/was/isagain the corona virus is an antisocial act by definition perpetrated by an increasingly antisocial culture.

    i used to worry about myself
    i thought there was something wrong with me because i was treated like crap all the time or spurned etc or treated cruelly

    truth is there was nothing wrong with me when i was unhappy it made sense
    when i was happy it made sense
    when i thought something was bs i was usually right
    and when i noted that people seem to like to induce misery in others and in essence themselves, against all better judgement or didnt match the profile of standard studied behaviors except superficially i was right

    the world is apathy
    and people have in many cases been made shit
    cruel, evil, shit
    so we should yes focus on human beings, but future ones because most of the current ones arent worth a dime.
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    @Cyanide i don't entirely agree with the lack of physical thrills, i just think people have taken everything too far

    there is this shit culture which grew from the disallusioned state of affairs that gnawed at western culture for centuries now.

    thats where we are.

    and it spawned a plentiful barrel of trash monsters,
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    git gud
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    Speaking of problems...
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    Sorry M8, it's hard to make sense of the gif 😭 am really curious though
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    @jkommeren its because i didn't know that what pycharm generates as 'type hints' in a python class which I would assume syntactically were properties or fields, end up being STATIC fields because there are no keywords.

    you have to explicitly set all properties with self. in the constructor or they get interpreted apparently as static

    its fucking stupid !
    because you can say

    classinstance.property and it still works as if its STATIC !!!
    not classname.property like you would do say in c# !
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    @YouAllSuck Well yeah that’s the pythonic way of doing things. Setting params in the constructor prevents them from being static.

    Sure, you can still declare them on object/class level and have them both be static and dynamic, but it confuses things. And then it’s perfectly natural that a static object will deviate from a dynamically created object of that class.
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    @Python yes but its very poor for readability !
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