So the sigmoid function creates a limit of 1 as x approaches infinity meaning big high heapum activation value gets closer and closer to 1 ?

At a guess it only ever reaches 1 because of precision
Limitations ?

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    When is the logistic sigmoid function ever 0 ?
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    Reaching 1 or 0 exactly: never, it limits to them at infinities.

    Reaching 1 or 0 "close enough": pretty fast. Plug in some numbers and see for yourself. Getting the sigmoid to exactly 1 or 0 is pretty useless.

    The point of the sigmoid is that it's a differentiable ("smooth and unbroken") replacement for the step function (aka the "hard threshold" implemented by x < 0.5 ? 0 : 1). Being differentiable is useful for optimization methods like the backpropagation used in neural networks because it makes the problem amenable to gradient based optimization algorithms (like stochastic gradient descent and its friends).
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    @RememberMe that’s the thing though all the docs suggest these functions are outputting both

    Maybe the tutorials are misleading with their examples

    I still err on the side of thinking it’s a rounding or precision thing I get the confidence index idea

    The huge activation value hitting the output would create a value ever approaching 1 smallll values would make e^-x approach 1 which would result in a sum that is greater than one which would make sigmoid into a smaller decimal value

    Still the value only has a fuzzy meaning for logic

    How the hell donsome machines output coordinates ??

    Or do they not does the implemhatioj feed it partial image fragments ?
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    @RememberMe that’s kind of the part not being clearly defined
    But I see this one example of dnn in opencv that takes a whole video frame and returns a copy with multiple sometimes overlapping boxes classified

    Albeit sometimes correctly and sometimes not

    Is it sort of side feeding partial resized images into it and reading the inference output values and expanding a bounding box until a high classification output is not returned ?
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    @RememberMe and in which case where does it decide to start ? or how to scale image pieces ?

    like a picture of an umbrella at exactly 250,250 might be different than one that is 50,50 in the same image,showing one closer and another farther away

    but if the expected image size is 100,100 for the inference model... how in the hell is dnn using modelnet even working as well as it is ?? especially given its classifying multiple objects (or sometimes misclassifying them) AND detecting them !

    is it two different parts like i'd think ? image segementation, resize and then inference ? or do they actually find a way of feeding the whole image or during training just put random shit scaled at different sizes to a horizon line ?
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    @RememberMe since you know supposedly its classifying pixels. as belonging to a group.
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