I wonder what the time requirements would be to use a standard lib to animate a robotic arm that chokes people so hard their eyes pop out of their heads

What would be the N per cm2 ? How do I calculate things like mechanical advantage cumulatively over finger segments or should I make it one blunt clamp ?

Is there a sensor I could attach to determine the deformation force and yielding of the flesh beneath the hand so as not to ramp the actuator up too high causing the tips to simply go straight through

And can I wear the thing and operate it via a blue tooth enabled audio capture device so I don’t have to add the scope of a mechanism to lure these bastards close and can just chase them joyously down the halls and position the hand manually around their neck

I’ll call it the mechanized bionic joy inducer

Or maybe arm. The automated rectification machine

Maybe hand

But I don’t know how to fit any word but happiness into that acronym

I’ll think on it again
I hate you all you disgusting garbage filled diseased fucking wastes of space and air ! And who fucking said you people can breathe my air anyway ? It’s my air get your own you chomo fucking fucks !

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    So do I have to wait till Biden dies of old age or whatever lie that was constructed to end his fake presidency ? Far as I can tell life in this wrecked and ruined country ended at Obama
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    Anyway I find myself believing it would mostly be position of the thing you probably could only make the eyes bulge like someone who’d Been garrotted
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    Oh well back to the drawing board
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    Ps if I have to be stuck with your women I’d prefer those who feel really really guilty about what they are lol
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