What do I want to accomplish from this platform I was asked.


well though this was the most unhappy time period of my life, I suppose the same thing i discover when i come across things i wrote in 2008 and erlier onlinnnnnnnnnne still.

something that provides me of a reminder of what life was like before pieces of shit like you all decided to destroy life in our country and try to replace people and be lured to your own demises heh

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    I know what you mean man
    I look back to pre Obama and remember the excitement over things and feeling alive and interested if frustrated

    Life drags on and we get dragged with it
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    I want to arrest and Imprison dirty cops pedophiles and let you move on with life like you should to a warm content place where your fake evil family is replaced by real friends instead of these bloodsuckers
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    John free yourself from them
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