All managers on LinkedIn are just 14 year olds trapped in bodies wearing fancy suits. Change my mind.

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    true, we all are. And once you've realized that you can take that to your advantage. By beeing braver than they are.
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    It then becomes easier to fool such managers.

    My previous manager was Head of Products. Top dog in major org.

    He knew jackshit and totally relied on me and rest of the team to fill him up.

    It was easy to spoof timelines and get to work on whatever I wanted.

    Problem is when things went south, he couldn't support and we were naked in front of everyone.
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    Beg to differ. LinkedIn in itself is a blank slate. Try not to follow only the managers and colleagues of your org, instead connect with unknowns from different parts of world, in different positions, companies, streams. Atleast that's what I do to make it more meaningful.
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    Why would anyone get on woke ass linkedin? Its going the shit show way of Fakebook and Twatter.
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    @hellomohit linkedin may be a blank slate but the kinds of people that post there are shit
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    I dunno man, I personally know a bunch of talented engineers that ascended to a management position using Linkedin to gauge through people and connect with suitable candidates.

    Linkedin is a social platform more than anything. I am sorry to say this but the age of the "zomg I am a super quirky asshole that is also a genius developer" is long past and should never had existed. I would rather get a trainable person with a good attitude than a quirky Sheldon Cooper like asshole that knows everything with 0 communication skills.

    Linkedin has served well in that regard and I have met some interesting people there. Managers included.
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    Nope likely that is when they started blowing someone so their bodies just aged
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    @AleCx04 True. For some reason the belief of good work necessarily translating into a good career with complete disregard to social skills is still strong in the dev community.
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    @Maer indeed. These dudes remind me of the "manic pixie girl" trope. The whole "i am zomg so quirky!!! you are an idiot and I am better than you" mentality is so flipping off-putting.

    I remember reading about another dude here that at one point said that if someone handed him a resume not written in LaTex that he was just going to dump it into the trash. Stuff like this makes me really dislike developers. They don't consider it, but they become bullies in their own right.
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    @Maer do you people honestly think LinkedIn has good social skills? Do you even use it? It's Facebook for people with suits. There's nothing there but cringe work memes and pseudo motivational horse manure. They added shorts.
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    @hashedram standard "memefication" of a platform, happens to all of them at one point in time. How would you rather have it?

    The other way in which I can see it is: apply to a faceless entity, have faceless people that you don't know look through your info, be surprised with an interview with people that have no clue about you other than by a portfolio or other things.

    The social aspect of linkedin works if you use it for your advantage.
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    @AleCx04 eVeRyThiNG MemIfIes
    No it doesn’t. Does stackoverflow have memes? They’re a job site too.

    It’s about how well you mod it. LinkedIn made a business decision to support memes. That deserves criticism. You can’t write it off because you can ignore it and use it to your benefit. I’ve used Instagram to get logo design work before, doesn’t mean the site is well modded.
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    @hashedram calm down geez, it doesn't take away from the idea that socializing with others is to a benefit. SO is well regarded in one space, well criticized in others, specially to how welcoming the space is to newcomers. You linking or disliking memes is beyond the point, data was used to make it be that way, it is as such in large corps such as linkedin, to me it seems that they would rather use a more socializing model than a pure whiteboard one. My question stands, how would you have it? It seems to me that the idea in which charisma and social skills are involved seem to somehow hurt you.
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    @AleCx04 whatre you on about? Why would you ask someone to calm down in a rant. That’s the point of ranting.

    I would have it the way LinkedIn used to be before, without the tiktok shorts and memes. This obviously has nothing to do with charisma.
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