Is it just me or did everyone learn C++ before C?

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    Nope... you aren't alone
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    Nope, learnt C years before anything else
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    C#, .net, python, Java, c++, then c.

    Something wasn't right about my course...
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    At my university we started out on C, then moved to C++. After that I got my C# skills from work experience.
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    I have started with JAVA, don't know what to say!
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    I started with C and Assembly at the same time. Then moved to C++.
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    Nope, my university teaches Java and C in the first year
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    My university teaches C++ and then Java
    After that Haskell and finally C

    So, I studied C++ before Java :P
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    First C then Cpp
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    I learnt A and B first.
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    @nblackburn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ofc
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    I learned D before C# (the lang really exists)
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