Are my rants supposed to be well documented, too? Or like submitted as if it’s a GitHub issue, where I shall add details such as what’s not working, how do you expect it to work, steps to replicate the bug, screenshots?

Why tf am I even overthinking this?! Lmao

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    devRant is not for support tickets. Just complain and rant about things. There's no limit or rules other than to use the proper main tag.

    Other than that, just have fun
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    @Hazarth thank youuu
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    just be a bit careful, I joined this platform when I was still a beginner developer and looking back at my previous rants ........ *pure cringe*
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    @ilechuks73 *checks your profile for old rants*

    Uhmm.. mhmm..
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    I can see the side effects of drinking too much milk.
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    Be coherent when flailing angrily in text or you’re fired !
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    @Floydimus flatulence?
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    Good old lactose intolerance?
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