Built a PowerShell script to keep my status “Active” all day. Appearing productive is what’s important!

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    ... For slack? Share?
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    It’s easy for slack: sign in on your phone and set yourself active. That one doesn’t reset on lock.
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    @atheist If I recall, it sets NumLock On and Off, then waits 30 seconds, on an endless loop.
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    Me: Filling up excel worksheet with all the work I did for the day. It should add up to 7.5 hours or more. If less then 7.5 hours then I might get into trouble.
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    :D I think they do not care about your status but how much work you do in the end :)
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    @Angry-dev you sweet innocent summer child
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    I have a similar issue with Teams showing me away when I am reading but I feel it dishonest to "play the system", especially when I do sometimes go AFK when working at home (I just work later to compensate).
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    @kwilliams wanna know what else is dishonest? Surveillance software! Especially on PERSONAL computers! Especially by people who will just aggregate that data without context and that one day will complain about your productivity being down as they have set a fucktillion meetings!

    Cause trust me, it WILL happen :)

    Want to fire someone? Give them less tasks and complain their productivity is low
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    @piratefox if there is less tasks, you just say there was less task. And also when not much left till finishing tasks, you tell them you will finish soon, so they get you a new task while you are finishing.
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    @Angry-dev “oh yes, I’ll come back with a task” and they never do :D

    Seen many people being fired like that… trusting managers is a suicide.
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    @piratefox I don't work on my personal computer.

    Only remote desktop to my laptop as I'm too lazy to rewire my desktop twice a day.
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    @piratefox you mean people are fired for low performance because manager did not gave them enough tasks?
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    @Angry-dev yup! Seen the tactic used in 3 different places!
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    @Root yep slack on phone has been a game changer for me
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    @piratefox That is happening to me right now.

    Lots of meetings, fewer tickets, and the tickets I am given look easy to non-devs but are fucking difficult. The other devs are given easier tickets so they get through several a week while I struggle to finish one. They were also doing this during my quarterly performance review, so it wasn’t very positive. I didn’t get fired this quarter, but I am expecting a repeat performance next quarter.

    • Add commas to these 10 places. (Realty: 40+ places, and they’re generated half a mile deep in the spaghetti, not on the surface.)
    • Add another feature to the screwdriver. Also: “Why isn’t this done yet? You’ve been working on this for a year!” (Reality: I did finish, and it’s live and being used and marketed and sold. But they keep requesting more features, so it’s not “done” in their minds.)
    • Write tests for my ReCaptcha JS. (Reality: they want me to mock/proxy all of ReCaptcha and its full responses, and do so from within Ruby specs, not JS specs)

    I’m looking for better gainful employment.
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    @Root I feel you. I can see that happening to me soon as I dared saying my manager that I would not work overtime for free
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    @TheOracle what sort of sociopath doesn't keep NumLock on by default?
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    @kwilliams Poorly worded description. It toggles the NumLuck twice, so as not to disturb the state of your NumLuck.
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    @TheOracle phew that's better.
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