Fuck Arch Linux
Love the AUR, but the fact that every -Syu I've done led to system wide failure is unforgivable
I'm coming home Fedora, also screw you Debian and your broken packages

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    What the fuck did you do with the system?

    I used Arch for 3 years and the worst update was one that required me to manually restart a few systemd services. It's the most reliable distro I've used so far.
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    Hate to tell you dude, Fedora ain't the same as you left it.

    Latest changes are fucking garbage.

    Thanks IBM twats!
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    @sariel discovered that like 3 days ago
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    Been running Arch for years and the worst thing that pacman ever did was require me to manually delete one file and run it again. What the heck did you do?
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    @deadlyRants I highly agree, this shouldn't be happening unless you install stuff like drivers that are not meant for your hardware, but even then, I've never had anything that extreme
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    Manjaro. Manjaro is arch Linux without the arch Linux-ness. Easy to install, simple graphical interface, stellar hardware support, it’s easily my favorite Linux distro
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    @deadlyRants i also used arch before i switched back to debian.There are a few packages that are always broken. but yes except of a few packages tje system is stable.
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    If you're looking for a rolling release that doesn't break, openSUSE tumbleweed has worked for me
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    Every distribution has the same warnings...

    Don't update blindly.

    You can fuck up any distribution available if you don't pay attention to what's happening.

    Many distribution have explicit update logs and warnings in place, e.g. when a major package like glibc is built and all packages need to be rebuild.

    It's that simple.
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