Is it just me not finding it, or devRant has no "password change" feature?

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    Forgot Password > click link > vóílá
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    @darksideplease Yea, did same, but it's awful decision if made on purpose. Passwords are meant to be changed once in a while
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    @Kolyness, most people only do that on money related stuff. So a forgot password option in a social, non-commercial app is good enough. Most social networks are ment to never logoff.
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    Neither changing the username is possible (or I didn't find it)...
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    @micheletto it is. New feature @dfox
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    Like @darksideplease and @Eariel pointed out, passwords can been changed with "forgot password." This isn't explicitly on purpose, but offering a dedicated change password is low priority since the workaround is simple and the functionality itself is pretty much identical to what a "change password" would have since it would need email verification anyway.

    Like @ScribeOfGoD said, we offer the ability to change your username now in the mobile app by going to the more tab and then settings.
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