The company I work for just screwed me out of a bonus while negotiating my salary after I handed in my notice. I really don't understand the logic of large companies that make these decisions that save them a few hundred bucks only to tarnish their reputation and assure that people like me will never EVER come back to work for them.
Can't wait for my notice period to be up!

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    Because that is all companies ever do today. Generational bussiness is a thing of the past. Companies now only try to earn more next quarter than the one before. If they fail as a conpany by the end of the year is irrelevant.
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    Create a revenge Linkedin post.
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    Because HR are screwed out of bonuses too. So only the immature retards work for the company while the good ones leave. It's a self perpetuating cycle of dumbfuckery.
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    I may be misparsing, as I’m running on low sleep.

    You were negotiating your salary with a company after giving them notice that you’re leaving said company and they’re not giving you a bonus? 🤔
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    Bonus is not a part of salary
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