Switching to Android from iPhone, this is how i feel

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    I felt exactly like that as well but unfortunately my latest Android experience ended just like the movie so I switched back.

    For me the freedom is the ability to choose freely between iOS and Android. Usually when I'm under deadlines I use iOS cause I can't tinker with it too much and if I have time, I use Android and spent way too much time playing with all the possibilities.

    I have a love and hate relationship with the freedom in Android. It's nice to be able to customise the phone just to your liking but for me the problem is that after x number of customisations application y might become laggy and unstable. I haven't experienced the same with iOS.
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    @Belzeburger I totally agree. Android gives you a lot, but there's no way to cover that many possibilities no matter how big and good your QA team is, while iOS is relatively small in features, but that makes it possible for QA to not miss problems before production... Still, my horse of choice is Android. Mostly because I hate Apple :)
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    Apple sucks.
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    For me freedom is access to my services quick and simple without having to write my own graphicsdriver
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    Android gives freedom, ios gives experience. Apps are simply much more well designed on ios , you just love the experience of using them
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    Even I switched from an iPhone to a one plus 3T . Freaking miserly screens iPhones give for the price they take. And android has so many cooler features and freedom . Couldn't agree with you more
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