@dfox @trogus How about a !rant option to automatically inform users that the rant isn't really a rant?

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    Yeah, I've been thinking about requiring a category/type label on posts that could cover the whole range, like rant, question, non-dev, meme, etc. Which could allow for more filtering and to better inform the learning algo.
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    Let the default be rants and the user can then choose to see everything else.
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    Yes please!
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    This is not a good idea. 95% of posts here aren't rants!
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    if(rant.contains("!rant")) {
    //rant about it not being a rant
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    @calmyourtities unless it is a meta rant against rants with !rant which aren't really rants but the meta rant contains the !rant...:)
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    @calmyourtities What about !(!rant) hmm? 👀
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