PM talked me into comming into the office because of some subjective "culture" reason. He worked from home that day (didn't state a particular reason)

Would you be mad?

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    Fool me once shame on you. Try to fool me again get wrecked, because you burned that bridge mother fucker.

    I would never trust anything that PM had to say ever again, and that goes for anyone.
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    @sariel great. Glad im not overreacting by refusing to come into the office anymore.
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    i would be really mad if i was the only person in the office 😄
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    @heyheni there were other people casually at the office 😄

    It's just his hypocrisy that is really annoying me. There were similar events ticking me off like him not attending dailies when he doesn't feel like it and not telling anyone - so we wait for a few minutes if he'll show up etc.

    I mean even if you got meetings that are more important - at least let us know.
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    I would be livid.
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    Stop waiting for him to show up. Just do your part on time.
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    I'd ask him why he did not show up. If his reason is full of evasive BS, eacalate and report to hr and file a complaint.he should leave the job, not you.
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    I want to be part of a culture that other people want to be part of and that other people want me to be part of, and I want this to exist without needing to be written in stone.
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    I have a very simple trick. If I'm called to the office, shit doesn't get done. When I'm at home, shit gets done. Eventually loonbag managers gets Pavlov trained into letting me be.
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