Science says it can't be done! You can't have an iPhone AND preserve your privacy!

Yet here I am, doing just that. Just analyze apps you use and just quit using fucking leeches like instagram and whatever facebook puts out. Also, do this:
1. Disable iMessage, iCloud and FaceTime
2. Opt out of sending analytics to apple
3. Use VPN with DNS that blocks trackers
4. Disable background app refresh and location access

Most importantly, quit using whatever uses personalization to spoon-feed you content that exploits your confirmation bias. Quit watching youtube. Switch to DuckDuckGo or whatever search engine without personalization.

If you don't like apple and don't care about cameras, just buy a Pixel smartphone and install Calyx OS. Fairfone with /e/os is also a good alternative.

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    5. Disconnect internet
    6. Keep phone powered off
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    Why is Devrant tracking unknown? 😳
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    That’s assuming your VPN provider doesn’t keep anything on you which you can safely assume they do.

    Besides what’s all that privacy worth if you’re excluding yourself from the world ?
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    @Earu They aren't excluding themselves from the world, they just interact with it in a conscious and controlled manner, which is the best way to tackle all the various biases that are deeply rooted in the motivations of media, social and central alike.
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    @lbfalvy couldn’t have put it THAT good. Have an upvote
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    I keep seeing the claim that telegram is spyware, without any proof whatsoever 🤷‍♂️
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    @Earu I completely agree. Using vpn means that government has to knock only on one door to get all your data. The big brand vpn's are all compromised..
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    The more secure you feel it's just a proof that someone did a really good job :D
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    @blindXfish they need to knock one door anyway. Perhaps it will shock you, but your provider already sends government any data they request. It’s almost like it’s better for this door to be in Gibraltar which is not a member of five eyes.

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    Gosh, imagine being this stupid.
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