User: We have been dealing with this bug for a month now! How come nobody has fixed it?

Dev: Who did notify about this issue?

User: You’re not listening we have been dealing with this for a MONTH!

Dev: When this issue first occurred did you tell anyone?

User: Yes!

Dev: Who?

User: …. Ok I don’t remember but I know I said something to someone. Anyway it doesn’t matter, your job is IT so how come this isn’t fixed?

Dev: Did you have an email? Ticket number? Teams message? Any record of where this was dropped?

User: I think you’re missing the point. We haven’t been able to do out jobs for A MONTH. We’ve just been sitting around completely helpless. We’ve been trying to figure a system using paper and pencil to replace the electronic one but it’s too complicated. How come this wasn’t fixed the second it happened?

Dev: It’s hard to respond to an issue if it’s not brought to out attention.

User: Ok but we are too busy to create a ticket! We have a million things to do and we can’t do any of them because your app doesn’t work! We’ve been sitting here telling each other how terrible this system is AND IT HAS BEEN A MONTH.

Dev: …. Yeah I got that

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    If I were them I would have called in daily until this was addressed
    How do they justify not communicating consistently over something that has “kept them from doing their job for a month” ?
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    @killames It’s a systemic issue with that department. They love finding any excuse not to do their work and try to scapegoat anybody they can for their failures.

    Leadership falls for it. Every. Time.
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    @boombodies I hate this world
    How do I get back into a position that keeps me moving forward so at the end of the day I can sit on a back porch and listen to the night sounds and smoke a joint or drink a beer in peace because I earned it with everyone turning the economy into a joke ?
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    i remember during a partnership with a pr company that they have been dealing with a major bug they found for 2 weeks... during a meeting, they have the audacity to rant
    about productivity because of the issue. We asked them why they didn't file a ticket or at least informed someone in the team directly
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    So, that means even management above doesn't know. It deserves a complaint towards the head of department.
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    @rutee07 🤣
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    @killames I don’t think companies offer this anymore. You have to take it upon yourself to skill up which soaks up all your personal time 🥲 😔
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    @vintprox Head of the department uses the same scapegoat tactics and has a personal relationship with her boss to keep her shielded from ever being held accountable. It’s a dirty rotting barnacle of a department
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    @boombodies not what I was griping about lol
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    Much like if I mentioned the repetitively inconsiderate people who were just here
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    @boombodies they were unable to work for A FUCKING MONTH, and had NO TIME to open a FUCKING ticket, because of a shitload of work they could not do because of the bug, that blocked their working process..?

    did I get that right or did I just went full retard..?
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