Tried to impress the boss with my work ethic by staying late to install a new VoIP system. Wasn’t even part of my job description. A few days later I had a flat tire on the way to work. It took me a couple hours to get that taken care of. When I got to work, the boss told me I had to work 2 extra hours that week to make it up. I reminded him that I had worked overtime recently to install his new phone system. He said, “Doesn’t matter. You still need to make up the hours.”

From that moment on I never worked one second more for him than I had to. I quit less than a year into the job.

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    What kind of boss is that? Capitalist?
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    @johnmelodyme All of them are capitalists who think they are in control. There is always a bigger capitalist boss to each capitalist boss. And they all think they are in control. Fucking losers.
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    My work ethic is to put the laptop lid down when the clock strikes EOD!
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    What the boss is that
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    @johnmelodyme explosive ordinance disposal.
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    What a scumbag
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    I stopped trying to impress dickheads a long time ago.
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    @tegarsyndicate Hi, how are you.
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    You remind me of last year when I volunteered to correct some errors I found in some old excel sheets, after hours of work, I ended up getting fired months later and my boss never recognized any of my efforts.

    Moral of the story is: not because you have done something good means you will be rewarded, some people are just assholes.
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    Don't let that asshole destroy your work ethic.

    Just quit (like you did) and move on until you find a employer who appreciates your work. I could come in to office whenever I wanted because I stayed till whenever too. No one cared if I came in noon/afternoon because they knew I worked late and often weekends too. When a colleague, who always started packing at 16h55 to be out the door at 17h, had a electrician come over at 15h and had to be there, he had to make up the hours too. The knife cuts both ways and I like working a bit more to have more flexibility in my schedule.

    If my employer doesn't follow that I would just leave, because counting hours all day makes me feel like a slave/prisoner
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