Private chat pops up. (- separator for new message)

- (1 min)
Can you help me?
- (2-3 mins)
Please it's urgeeeent!!!!!
- (1 min)
Come on you're online, I see the green dot.
- (5 mins)
Ok then I won't be able to work. Will write this down in the ticket.

- (15 mins) - new private chat pops up
Hi, we need to talk.
- (3 mins)
Regarding ticket XY, why aren't you responding? It's really urgent.
- (5 mins)
Please notify me as soon as you're available, it's really important!!!

- (20 mins, new private chat opens)
Hi mate, I think the devs are up to mischief. Said you're not reachable, I'll try to poke them with the stun gun.

- (60 mins, message in the official and only endorsed support room)
@all We broke staging, <Me> never responds and <Team mate who tried to use the stun gun> wasn't helpful either.
We really need this now!!!!!!!

- 30 mins later... la me:
@all I was in a meeting with the stakeholders as we had an priority meeting... What was so important that you not only ignored the rule of not messaging privately and even ignored <team mate>s instructions?

- 5 mins later, answer
no need to be so unfriendly.... We broke staging as we had to test stuff out for next week's sprint review [something which is still 3 days away or sth like that]. We really need to take a look in the team at it and for that we must have staging working now!!!!
- (La me)
If you need it urgent now, you didn't plan ahead. And if you didn't plan ahead, you have to wait for others. The sprint review and all other important days are planned ahead for a reason.
- (Silence)

- (20 mins later, private chat, team lead)
Will you finally fix staging now?

- La me
If it could wait 3 hours now and you / your team ignored all netiquette, it can wait till next day, too. We had this discussion more than once, I don't think I need to explain this further.


All in all, the joys of communication...

Now the fun stuff is when this not only happens with 1 team, but many teams....

Having 35 - 40 private chats and chat window looking like a christmas tree thx to the immeasurable amount of notifications and colors... Yay...

Did I mention that I hate the ego some programmers have -.

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    🤔 where did you get such egotistic devs? Is it like a requirement for working in that company or something?
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    Ah of course, you have a problem, but my Problem is more of a Problem than yours.
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    @intrusioncm this is too relatable 🤣
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    @NoMad the problem of the company regarding it's devs it that they really try hard to get young people, fresh from university or apprentices...

    To out it out bluntly: None of them had real working experience.

    It's gotten better since I've started working here... Cause I don't let them do whatever the fuck they want.

    So not a requirement, but rather a "you reap what you sow".

    No working experience and startup feeling = a whole lot of trouble.
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    That escalated quickly
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    That’s one reason to why I run my own k8s (k3s on three mini PCs) cluster just for me to screw around in and experiment with.

    So that when I break something, it’s only my own shit. And if I discover that something in dev/test/prod cluster needs to be adjusted, I can open a ticket waaay before it’s urgently needed yesterday.
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    @ChainsawBaby I wouldn't mind a request to fix staging...

    In German: "So wie es in den Wald reinschallt, schallt es auch wieder raus"

    What goes around, comes around.

    Simple solution for this would be to just make an recurring appointment with "Deploy staging". All problems solved.

    ... and being nice would be the cherry on top, which is the thing many newcomers lack....
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    We went to a system were all non prod tickets are triaged every morning at 9am, we only do support work if there is a ticket for it and we have canned responses saying just that for every DM we get, and after a year, Devs now think twice before throwing a box of grapes in the microwave just to see what it does.
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