I just lose motivation in personal projects after a few days, anybody else the same?

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    Never! But of course I am still in college! Lol
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    Do you switch to a different project?
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    I'm going to be working with a couple other devs in the same boat on personal projects. we think we may be able to keep each other motivated. worth a shot
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    all the time. like I literally figure out the hard part and the rest is just busy work and I'm just like "yep. I am done here."
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    Yup, I never finish anything outside of work. However, i find that just starting the project and doing anything helps me learn. So I try not to stress about jumping from thing to thing.
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    I have the hardest time trying to think of a good project in the first place :/ not a lot of it catches my attention
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    Entering third year of working at an open source project
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