Existing algos are messed up. The one that personalizes ur feed. FUCKKK.

My YT, Tiktok, IG, Reddit feed are mostly about suicide stories… I just interacted with some posts about anxiety and it led to this. Idk if it’s just me or is this really a trending thing? Coz it’s suicide awareness month??? But dude? That “awareness” might trigger someone contemplating it, like it taps into their confirmation bias.

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    I had never even searched for the topics you listed and still get this shit so don't worry, it's definitely not you.

    btw on YouTube I completely turned off search history so it has stopped most tracked recommendations but this obviously has some drawbacks as well
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    @Alt-Tab Oh oki! Good to know it’s not only me. lmao It’s not the universe giving us signs.

    Yea, but search and watch history still piles up. And you’ll have to delete from time to time.

    But also, when you do browse in incognito, or delete history, the recommendations are WHACKK 😂
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    @milk no, definitely not. :D

    Oh, I meant both watch and search history, sorry. And yeah, that's what I meant by drawback, I have literally no good recommendations. But at least I waste less time on YouTube lol
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    I haven't logged into youtube for months now and cleared the session data automatically on exit.

    No more personalization based on my watch history, only on the current session.

    Only downside to this is that you start with the default popular videos for recommendations, which are dog water in my case, but it helps you spend less time on youtube
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