My eyes are opening to a sad reality. It's not just software - people in every industry are as bad at their work as they can get away with.

On the bright side it means that a person who excels at one thing has a shot at excelling at others. Mediocrity is everywhere.

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    Yes, but there's another way of looking at it, which in my opinion is far more accurate to reality:

    All humans are just animals trying to survive, live and love each day. There were never any "experts" except for some autistic few geniuses which really is nothing more than silver lining to some cases of cognitive disorders...

    We don't necessarily live in a world where you have to compete for excellence... we live in a world where everyone does their best, and their best is simply normal and mediocre...

    instead of stressing over trying to be the best in an industry of pretenders, we should realize that living isn't as hard as people would like you to think and being average is enough... If more people realized that, burnouts, imposter syndromes, depression and anxiety rates would be (imo) well reduced...
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    @rutee07 incredibly true, except at your job and most probably you’ll be also ignoring your urge for creativity/social interactions and/or curiosities
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    @Hazarth that's exactly right!
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    isn't the current market depressing tho? people get stuck on bs jobs or are just underpaid, or have to meet ridiculous deadlines. it's hard to do a good job like that, and sometimes mediocrity is a way to cope...
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    @darksideofyay the market will stay like that as long as we’ll stay in this economical system, as the sad(?) truth is that there is no job for all of us, so we either create bs jobs or find a way to give people a decent life without forcing them to work.

    Unfortunately for economists it’s hard to accept we are all worthy of a decent life, so without getting too political let’s just say it’s easier to win trice on a row at the lottery than it is admitting we don’t need to work this much.
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