See code of a dyslexic intern
Neither do I want to correct him without knowing it to be respectful nor do I want to work with this code
> mfw his branch gets merged into core

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    Does the code do the job it was written to do?
    If it does then after merge do gentle refactoring/tidy up... GENTLE!
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    @burtybob his code is doing a pretty good job and he often gets feedback on his dyslexia but it seems that he refuses to ask for the right spelling for symbol names.
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    @JoshuaBehrens he might think he wrote it right. I can read or write a word 20 times without seeing that its wrong until someone points it out.

    I wouldnt mind if someone told me or refactored it. I'm dyslectic myself.
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    @aronmik "ain't no body got time for dat" - Boss
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