First day at new job. It's literally meeting hell.
1 hour meeting followed by 1.5 hours meeting followed by lunch followed by 2.5 hours meeting.

Couldn't get anything done. About 15 minutes out of all those meetings combined was actually relevant to me.

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    @Floydian Look at this noob cribbing about meetings.
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    You should mention it.

    Some teams are scared of making new employees feel excluded so they invite them to everything and forget that it's hard for a new employee to dare leave an irrelevant meeting.

    It's not obvious...
    Last time my team had a new hire we excluded them from meetings relating we thought was irrelevant to them - but then heard complaints that they felt excluded and babied.
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    You expected to be productive on your first day!?

    I'm aiming for being productive after a month 😋
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    @Geoxion Not incredibly productive (since I have to learn the tools they use here first), but not utterly non-productive and soul-draining.
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    @jiraTicket I'll mention it to my superior this friday. See if something gets done.
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    @nitnip You guys should have a meeting about it /s
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