It's interesting to me... a lot of the rants I see here are all like "just started this new job and this place is SO fucked". Talking about how there's no process, no source control, terrible code, etc.

I say it's interesting because most of the time the thought that goes through my head is "that sounds fun as hell!"

Like, spend as many years at a place as I have, a place where there's SO much process and SO many controls and all of that... you know, the whole "big enterprise" mindset... and the idea of being able to come in to a place that's kind of wild west and actually work to FIX the place, to have freedom to change direction and innovate and not be locked in to all sorts of rules, is kind of exciting.

(you know, assuming it's a place and a position where that's possible at all... but at this point in my career, I'd only take a position where I had that kind of authority from the start, and as long as I have the authority then I'm happy to take on the responsibility and I'm up for the challenge)

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    I've had to work hard to bring the Wild West in this company to a reasonable - it's not perfect by any means - level of sanity with development processes.

    Sometimes the pile of shit is a treasure chest of opportunity, and sometimes it's literally a pile of shit.
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    I'm guessing that most of the time the situations like that occur because of a culture issue. So the stuff needs fixing but the ones that try hit a wall until they leave. The preventers than just say see, they are the issue you need us.

    So no room for fixing, having to add features to a frustratingly broken codebase. Lots of repetitive manual action because DevOps don't exist. Needing fixing of outages in the middle of the night. That is just hell.

    Of course this is not always the case. I had clients that just didn't know any better and while it is very demanding that is also really rewarding. Guess you would really like working in a small place like that
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    The issue is that more often than not you're NOT allowed to fix it. Those places tend to have a mentality of "that's how we've always done it", and the idea that they could have a wrong or inefficient approach is insulting. Or even if their approach is inefficient, who cares as long as they make money? It can be really frustrating to work in places like that, where whatever piece of shit legacy code you're handed cannot be improved, because the powers that be actively act against its improvement.

    When you do get a rare place that wants to be better, then yeah that one is great.
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    Going to wild west would be taking a lot more work than necessary.
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    Problem is that most wild west companies don't want or acept changes....
    I'm always complaining... I'm a machine operator and I hate to see machines that could last 100 years and shouldn't be working already...
    Like 10 years old machine for precision working that do ovals instead of circles lol all cause maintainance means stopping the machine for a few hours.
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    Wild west? You mean more extra work for you and fast deadlines.
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    I know that excitement, but it's undoable if you don't have any kind of power inside the company.

    Plus, people are resilient, it's very hard to convert a mess into some kind of organized stuff.
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    It's all fun and games until your bosses are cheapskates because they think spending 50$ more to improve processes or buy hardware is too much or that all that matters is features and bugfixes.

    Then it gets painful because even if you have solutions, you get cockblocked and shit piles up.
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