I managed to re-negotiate my offer to reach the (accidentally) advertised range exceeding my original (realistic) expectations and this is in huge part thanks to the helpful bunch of you here.

So: Thank you!!

And I can't belive that in a single fucking day I benefitted more from posting to devrant than all the time spent on toxic subreddits, calling useless recruiters, forums and others. Here, even those comments that I disagreed with were phrased in a reasonable manner and they also helped me formulate an apparently very strong argument in the compensation meeting.

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    Please note that I removed the original post as it contained a bit too much information and I want to make sure it doesn't come off wrongly if someone later finds it. Those of you who read it probably understand the context..
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    We aren't helpful here. We're just so socially incompetent that most fail even at being toxic. :)
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    Validation! *tears of happiness*

    @Fast-Nop 😂
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    Good to hear it worked out for you!

    Nice to have some wholesome positive posting on this site from time to time :)
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    @Alt-Tab Can you post a tl;dr of previous post?
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    @Avyy @molaram I'll post it here once I get a chance, sorry
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    @Avyy @molaram and others interested

    I finally got around to respond, I've been quite busy in line with the recent developments, sorry.

    My post did not fit here so I made a new one
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