What if I told you : you can use whatever the fuck OS you want, whatever the fuck stack you want ?

And IF you take a job in a certain stack, don't like it ? Quit your job !

Stop beeing whining bitches. Don't like current job ? Find a new one.

You think your app is revolutionary ? TRY and push it (And fail)

You think that at 16 you know better than people who are 30+yo ? prove it by actions.

It's easy. You have full control of what you can do.

Stop bitching, start coding.

windows, linux, mac, MS-DOS. Noone cares what you use. As long as you do the job.

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    Stop scratching the sand out of your clit and start solving the problems.

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    How is this not a rant and a rant? I am ambiguously in a state of boolean flux with a learning toward rant.
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    Well if you take a RANT, then you apply an H gate to it, it becames RANTand NORANT at the same time ! UNTIL you read it.

    Hope it helps
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    @NoToJavaScript Does the cat live?
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    @Demolishun *purrs* *farts*
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    @Demolishun I don't do H gates to my 2(!) cats ;p

    But again, need to observe it first !!

    I "understand" a bit quantum computing, but I just can't find ANY algo I would write with Q#. (yes I did hello world which is a random number generator, but... I get the concept, but can't find how to apply it. YET!)
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    @IntrusionCM So the cat is "about" to die.
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    @IntrusionCM "Smack on the back lightly" "No farting, you know that"
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    @IntrusionCM Yep, look just one of my cats when she's hungry. ;p

    (Now I'm waiting on windows to process 18.000 files odered by date and yes I have time to write all of it before it finishes)

    here cat number 2. Draw her as a french girl.
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    @NoToJavaScript it was the Cheshire cat illustration from the first publication.

    :) it seemed fitting. XD
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    @IntrusionCM Ohhh my bad !

    I read Alice in wonderlands when I was little, but I lived in (non existing now) country (URSS) and these image where censored by the "party".

    I feel I need to read it again now ;p It's seems WAY more twisted than I remember haha
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    @NoToJavaScript yes... Definitely twisted.

    Especially the Cheshire cat.
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    For twisted check out the original title of "Ten Little Indians" the book. I wish I had known about this when they had us read it in school. I would've raised my hand and asked questions.
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    @Demolishun I read it twice. Once in school as "Whatever" and once myself like "Ohhh fuck".

    "The Long Walk" from Stephen King is pretty brutal too. I still have images in my mind of walking and shiting at the same time. I can't get it out.
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    @Demolishun Ten little Niggers from Agatha Christie?
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    Damn straight up facts and truth bombs you dropped there @NoToJavaScript
    Lot of whinny and depressed bitches here.
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    @ostream Dude, try at least to tell something controversial.
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    @ostream In these cases, 0oliteness demands that you say thank you.
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    @dumbdev True ! But everyone has preferences :)

    Yes you can do whatever, you can use javaScript, but it doesn't involve others "liking" this techno :)
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