Corporate IT: Here at Company A we are very proactive about CyberSecurity!

Dev: What is our cybersecurity plan?

Corporate IT: If any breaches happen we will terminate those involved and discontinue use of the offending product

Dev: That sounds reactive to me

Corporate IT: 😡 It’s proactive actually as we put together that plan of action BEFORE anything happened!

Dev: …

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    Damn. You should start your own webcomics. This is hilarious stuff.
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    That's like saying pulling out is pregnancy prevention.

    Guess what, doesn:t work.
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    @IntrusionCM it does, until it doesn't
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    Usually they'd write the "proactive" plan after something happens, and then pretend that incident didn't happen.
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    Plot twist: Campany A had to pay ransom for three times already and is still using Outlook with an Exchange server also doubling as the primary domain controller.
    Also: The guy responsible domain administration also does inhouse user support and uses the same account for both roles...
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    @Oktokolo Lol, sounds like you work here too
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    Well, let's just call it an "industry standard".
    And you are definitely not alone...
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    Me clicking mails that promises 3 days 4 nights bundle for free on office Outlook ...
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    At least it's proactive in theory
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    They don't actually know what proactive means, they used it because it's a positive word. Never ever try to decipher meaning from sales-babble. Remember, there are SSDs marketed as 4D NAND.
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    @lbfalvy so what do these do? warp bits through space time or what..? unbelievable. 😂
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    @rootofskynet They put the controller on the bottom of the NAND stack, roughly doubling the density at which the stacks can be laid out.
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