Out of nowhere, someone called me from a jobs board and said that they really liked my profile and that they sent me a job invite and they were in a hurry to get someone new - with my profile exactly. I haven't logged into that jobs board for a couple months, but upon checking, I see that their company sent me an invite and that the working environment was great. Remote first, no daily standups, competitive pay, and the site was legit. So okay, I accept their invite.

The next day I got an email back saying unfortunately they would close the application because they were only hiring people with a couple years experience in some tech... which was listed in my profile in the jobs board.

I'm like lolwut you invited me, don't you turn that around like I'm begging you for a job.

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    Lol, no daily standups, like that’s a selling point
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    @black-kite Totally is for me. I lose between three and four hours a week to stand ups.

    Maybe one or two of them per year have been useful, but those could have just been slack messages, so… still useless. No stand ups is absolutely a selling point.
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    @Root I have rule. No more than two stand-ups a day and they will end at 30 minutes, no excuses.

    If it takes longer than 30 minutes for a status call once a day someone is hijacking the call for their bullshit and they need to schedule a longer dedicated call.

    The calls I run last usually 15 minutes. We answer the following two questions.

    What are you working on?
    What are your blockers?

    If there's other questions, post them to slack and we'll discuss there.
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    @Root at this point it would be a selling pt for me as well. It’s just sad that standups have become such an annoyance when they were initially meant to be quick and sweet in order to benefit everyone on the team. Unfortunately, all it take is one person to take the whole thing hostage
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