> 3 hour long mandatory online cybersecurity training
> Preaches that the company is very secure and the only risk of being “hacked” is if employees post company data on social media
> oksure.tar.gz
> Bored out of my mine
> Open dev console
> JSON continually getting sent to backend
> Simple structure and human readable fields including {complete: false}
> Open postman
> {complete: true}
> Send
> 200 response
> Refresh page
> Course complete
> :’ )


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    The irony of my now posting about it online is not lost on me…. Maybe I should have done the course?

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    you forgot...
    > hackerman.gif
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    "the only risk" is already something most knowledgeable people would never say. maybe "only real risk" but completely shutting out possibilities isn't really possible in most cases
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    the only risk is people not finishing the security course and thus not being informed how secure the company is, and thus actually trying to mess around since they don't know there's no point in them messing around.
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