Facebook is now meta. We now need a new acronym to replace FAANG.

Proposed solution:
Let’s remove Netflix. There are a dozen other streaming services in the mix, they’re not innovating over competition, they’re also worth the least in faang etc.

Bring back Microsoft to the acronym. Controversial, of course but it makes sense as the ms we see today bears little resemblance to what it was 15 years ago. With ms + meta in the acronym we therefore name is GAMMA

Open to other alternatives, so leave a comment if you have one.

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    I don't understand why is Netflix in there.

    They are nothing but an average streaming service.

    All the others are giants playing in different space.

    If we consider Netflix as a tech company instead of Entertainment company then let's consider Uber as tech and not transportation, Airbnb as twch and not real estate, and so on...

    So yes, swapping Netflix with Microsoft seems to be something that can be done.
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    @Floydimus Contrary to people’s belief, FAANG is not a tech-given acronym, it’s stock-market-given acronym. Top tech stocks. Has nothing to do whether the company is innovating or not.
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    @Cyanide innovation and tech are two different things.

    Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, etc. are innovating and not a tech company.

    Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, IBM, etc. are tech companies.

    The former ones are using Tech as underlying infrastructure to power their respective domains.
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    We already have MANGA, If we kick out Apple and Add Oracle, It's MANGO
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    Could we somehow make it "MAGA", pissing on both parties at the same time?
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    We should not use the term in the first place. That fixes all the problems.
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    @Floydimus Uber innovating? How?
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    1. If we call Facebook Meta, then Google should be called Alphabet.

    2. Hate all you want, but Microsoft is bigger than Apple.

    3. Hate all you want, but Tesla is bigger than Meta. I would argue that Tesla is a technology company. Sure, Tesla builds cars, and they're probably massively overvalued... but Amazon is a glorified bookstore selling an overhyped hosting solution on the side.

    So: Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Tesla.


    That's the $1 Trillion club at the moment, and they're all Tech companies.

    Then comes Nvidia, TSMC, Alibaba, Tencent, Samsung, Adobe

    -- And only then comes Netflix. Soon Salesforce will out-qualify Netflix. I think Netflix is doing fine for what they do, it's just that they're not a multi-product conglomerate, and video entertainment is a saturated market with limited B2B potential.
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    Also, the toplist is also the shitlist in my opinion.

    I would much, much rather work for a brand with a $1B-$40B market cap than for a $1T+ corporation.

    All of them got to $1T by using cult techniques, even abusing employees at times.
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    @bittersweet I don't like everything that amazon does. Some of it is downright evil. But when I had to return a brand new laptop with 2 days of buying it the vendor tried to charge me a %20 restocking fee. That is against amazon policy. We talked to amazon. They said that aint happening and immediately refunded the balance. They then went after the vendor. So as a vendor ecosystem it is protecting the customer from bullshit. Would things be cheaper without them? I dont know.
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    I think Amazon treats their customers fine... the question is, are they a great company to work for?

    "FAANG" was often used either in the context of "get it on your resume to build a successful tech career", or "follow these companies to understand the tech market".

    I think expectations have changed.

    Regarding the western stock market, it's MAAAT(+Meta), after which Nvidia, TSMC & Samsung are the major chip suppliers. Disregarding oil, pharma, retail, etc -- The dynamic between those 8 companies defines the tech part of the stock market.

    Regarding good employers, I think as a developer or other STEM-schooled employee you're always better off in a mid-segment startup company, where you can still grow to become more than just a number.
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    If you start adding actual tech companies like Tesla, TSMC, Tencent and Samsung, you definitely have to add real tech companies like Carl Zeiss SMT and ASML (which together are the only suppliers of last gen chip-lithography equipment).

    And i would really remove all the non-tech companies like Alphabeth, Meta, Amazon, and Netflix.
    Apart from Netflix they are all primarily in the ad business, cloud providers or just online shops. The only innovation they do is creating more effective schemes for milking their customers.
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    @Oktokolo I saw that Jim Cramer, coiner of "FAANG", just proposed MAMAA:


    That settles it. Momcorp.
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    @bittersweet wait Nvidia makes chips? Thought they only design?
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    @bittersweet why is Meta first....
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    @donuts Because stockboys are hype-sensitive.
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    @donuts Potatochip, Potahtochip.
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    @bittersweet just trying to understand why NVDA, AMD stocks keep going up but the semiconductors like TSMC, Intel... That actually make the chips keep going down.
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    @donuts Multiple factors:

    Nvidia & AMD are key to many products which are in very high demand. From game consoles to autonomous cars. They are also leapfrogging Intel a bit when it comes to datacenter products.

    They can't fully deliver currently, but that doesn't mean their IP is worth less.

    TSMC as a company is more than healthy, but the prospects are tampered by the Chinese fighter jets flying over it. If China annexes Taiwan, that would be the apocalypse in terms of the semiconductor market -- Much worse than 200% GPU price increases.
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    @bittersweet oh didn't know they were in EV, gaming consoles (other than the Shield which was a flop?) so thought they just did CPU and GPU for servers and PC.
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    @bittersweet so if TSMC goes, all hopes are on Samsung and Intel's to-be built foundry?
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    @bittersweet nvm.... It's the AMD chips... Wow... should've bought more AMD...
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    When China finally conquers Taiwan (not sure what they are waiting for), we will just keep buying from TSMC.

    Sure, the first years prices will skyrocket because China will certainly use all the production for itself until the mainland fab copies are ready - but then, prices will fall way lower than before the mining boom because of increased production capacity.
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    @Floydimus I would never call Airbnb or Uber innovative, not by a long shot
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