How men select clothes:

How women select clothes:

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    But we, men, also have much less options to chose from :( I'd rather at least have that elasticsearch option, but all we get is stacks
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    How I select clothes:

    while (true) { store.stock.filter(preferences).buy() }

    How my girlfriend selects clothes:


    Seriously. She's currently wearing my pants, my shirt, my hoodie and my socks. 😑
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    Elasticsearch is way to efficient to be used as an analogy in this scenario.
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    I don't like spending excessive time on menial things so I try to figure out my principles (eg. warm, light, orderly, flexible, funny, pretty, lavish, smart, modest, unnoticeable) during breakfast or otherwise by the time I get to the wardrobe, but I can still spend 10 minutes figuring out which clothes would fit them best.
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    bool needNewPants = (underpants.holes > 5);
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    @AlmondSauce Yeah most people there seem to go for O(n) complexity (running through the whole rack of items, one by one), at best.
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    @lbfalvy My method for shopping clothes is pretty efficient I think.

    My favorite store has a "reorder last order" button on the shopping cart.

    I just click that button 2 times a year.
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    @bittersweet Socks! Never! Especially men’s socks. They’re awful.

    I used to do this with my boyfriends. Now I steal my girlfriend’s clothes. I still careful select what I’m going to wear, though.
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    @Root you would hate my socks. I probably have the worst feet on devrant! They’re so rancid they attract mosquitos and my socks tend to smell like a rat that died inside of an elephant’s anus lol
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    @TeachMeCode What in the name of fuck?
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    @lbfalvy what’s wrong? Lol
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