Normally I don't give a shit when I lost a job opportunity.

But dude, this year everything is bad as fuck. I moved out (yet again) to marry and start a new life.

And as I said a previous Rants, I got a client that just made me lost another client when they started to get shady. For almost a god dam month now, I can't find even a crappy job.

This never happened. I got more than 10 opportunities. A handful of interviews, a few tests and none of them gave me a job.

Now I have one week to get married.
The money I saved whent to all expenses. And now my anxiety is kicking in like it never did in years.

I really don't know what to do and I
can't fucking sleep.

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    I don’t understand why you’re so worried, regarding the marriage that is. Maybe it’s cultural differences, but… you HAVE TO get married in one week? Why? Can’t you postpone? Not affording it due to your circumstances should be a valid enough reason to do so… also, just don’t spend so much money? I know ppl tend to get married big and spent big $$ on the festivities. But what’s the point? Just don’t. Keep it simple, keep it cheap. Also, who doesn’t pay for most expenses well in advance and the rest when they get billed maybe in a month or so? Why you so worried?
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    @100110111 it should have happened last year. Postponed to June and again to November.

    I don't have to. But we have a few people invited (no big deal, just a few people). But they are more broke than we currently are.
    So postponing again isn't a deal them.

    And also, I can't reschedule the travel plans because of the fees.

    Im not worried about the marriage.
    I'm worried because we broke so close from this thing to happen that we can't act right away and we can be homeless by the end of the month
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    U became broke before even getting married, you're ahead of the game my friend. In all seriousness best of luck to you man, not an easy situation...
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    It's been some time since this rant. How are you doing?
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    @iSwimInTheC dude, do you believe it looks like I posted this rant 3 weeks ago?

    I'm better emotionally.
    Money wise still the same.
    I've done more dozens of interviews, most of them rejected me. Now I'm waiting two companies answer after a code challenge.

    Probably, I'll not land a job before the end of the month and not pay rent.
    So I was thinking in getting a loan to pay it and also a few debts.

    Probably not a good idea. But at least I can do something for now.

    Thanks for asking, I appreciate that
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    @ChristoPy I wouldn't recommend pulling a loan for other debts. Not a good way to go. Instead I'd call your creditors and tell them you are having financial hardships and ask for some leniency. Additionally you should work with your rental property for leniency too. Can you get unemployment?
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    You're also making a huge assumption that you'll actually get approved for the loan. You don't even know that you'll get the loan. Most lenders ask you about your employment, if you don't have any they likely will not approve you. Careful how you tread. Your credit rating will take a hit too. Are you able to work family at all to get assistance?
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    @iSwimInTheC I can try that
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    @iSwimInTheC I know I'm relying too much on this. And that it is a bad thing to do.

    I'm abled to get the loan as a company, so they just need to know how much I made in the last 12 months. And yes, I'm able to work family
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    That is good to hear. Good luck! And let us know how it goes
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