Is success luck or hard work?

“Success is luck.”
— the guy who spent 13 hours a day learning for four years straight before the success came

“Success is definitely luck.”
— the guy who sold his soul, become obsessed and traded his social life for skills

“Success is hard work”
— the trust fund baby who barely learned anything through his “career”

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    I was lucky to do something that lots of organizations require. In that sense, my hard work does not feel like hard work because I enjoy what I am doing. Altogether being successful in it is a combination of luck and hard work, bit i am sure this is different for everyone.
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    Define success. Surviving? Being happy? Having some money to live an average life? Being a millionaire?
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    There's no binary here. It can be both, or either.

    I know people who worked damn hard from nothing to be successful. I know people who just had rich parents in powerful places. I know people who had a good upbringing and a comfortable life, but still worked hard and made the most of it.
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    1 and 2 think that success is never having to look at the prices in a restaurant.

    3 thinks that success is having your face on the cover of a newspaper or something.
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    Its usually both.

    If you work hard and can afford to take risks(i.e. if you're not poor in a shithole country) you'll have a far higher chance of succeeding.
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    @hack successful pooping? Success have many meanings
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    Most success is highly dependend on luck.

    But normally, there is a base-line level of preconditions neccessary to actually be able to benefit from that luck.
    So investing some work in ones own goals definitely rises the chances of success a lot.
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    I don't believe in luck exactly, but It's also not hard work...

    If you ask me, It's a case of fake it till you make it. Though I have to admit that being born in the right place at the right time to the right people.. or "luck" plays a big role initially.

    On the other hand, if you count social skills and "charisma" or whatever as hard work, then I'd say that plays a major role from childhood to the grave
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    Well the whole thing seems funny to me!

    The more hard work I do, the more luck I have!

    It is definitely the luck!
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    @devJs I hereby officially declare you the first person in this tread who got the joke. Congratulations!
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    @ostream its more reference to that bald spanglish guy from pop songs talking with Tony Robbins and quoting Thomas Jefferson, but what do I know I am just some stupid js dev.

    I don't do references much, I rather import!
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    @devJs how do i buy tickets to your show
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    @kiki I have onlynerds, nerdsly and nerdhub, you can pay me there!
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    @ostream well, i hope it's not just the two of us here!

    On topic: swyx has good article on luck -> https://swyx.io/create-luck/
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