Arch has a great default package manager, and it's the basis for why I love Arch as much as I do.

A completed install is pretty minimal, and as a user who knows what apps I want, that's perfect for me. When I've used any other major distro of late, my post-install activity mostly consisted of removing software, changing defaults, and otherwise swimming upstream against the intent of the distro's maintainers.

With Arch, I start with a more or less blank slate, and then add the components I want to it. It's so intensely satisfying to have a system that is composed almost entirely of software I explicitly wanted to have.

The result is a system that behaves pretty much exactly the way I want.

Any other Arch users want to weigh in on what they like about it?

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    Arch is great. I try a new distro every now and then but I always end up drifting back to Arch eventually.

    Aside from what you've alread mentioned, the AUR is the killer feature that can't be beat, in my opinion. In the many years I've used Arch I have almost never needed to manually install anything. It's all in the AUR.
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    Recently switched to Arch after using Pop OS.
    Totally fell in love with 'yay'. I just finished tweaking nvim & kitty to use Dracula color scheme. Installed 'bpytop' instead of 'htop'. And spent the past hour learning how to get around in bspwm.
    Love it 👍
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    It's important to note just how great the Arch wiki is. It's one of the most complete and thoroughly documented sources I have ever used. Arch is a very atypical distribution, but with the wiki you never feel like you are lost without any guidance.

    I also will second the amazing package management with yay or pacman. It's one of the main reasons I use Arch as my primary os!
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    Very much agree! Prior to switching to Arch last week, I was a dedicated Debian purist 😳 lol.

    Even then I would occasionally end up on the Arch Wiki - it's just "that good". 👍
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    Yeah, there's seldom a day that goes by when I don't look up something on the arch wiki.

    !archwiki and !aw
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    What about npm injection??
    Honestly, isn't that a massive nono anfld trend these days?
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    Well, I must have been wrong.
    Kinda obvious.
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    Don't like rolling releases , but the arch wiki is definitely amazing, the next best thing for me is debian, i can still have the same slim install as I would on arch
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    How so? It's there a barebones install method for Debian? It's definitely the distro of choice for me, for hosts that I can't physically touch, but every time I install or get an installed VPS image, I have to spend time removing unwanted software from the default install. Do you know a way around that?
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    @bahua the debian standard image sets you up with just a tty, it's all you from there, gotta admit, not as slim as arch but better than most distros
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    I believe you, but I have not seen this minimalist, "standard image." I've seen a system with nano preinstalled and set as the default, and with dpkg-reconfigure and the config database accessed by update-alternatives already populated with defaults selected by the distro's maintainers. None of these things are show-stoppers, but it is definitely annoying to unravel the thread of unfavorable defaults.

    Are you referring to a more minimalist system? For example, is it possible to get any form of a Debian standard image without nano on it?
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    @bahua am thinking you could use the net-install but then unselect the install standard system utilities option, will kickup a vm later and see what i get
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