Today I tried: pnpm.

Following up my hateful rant against Isaac Schlueter and his decisions on npm.

I went all the way out and tried so many alternatives, honestly found a developer experience much greater than the "official" one.

What triggers me the most is the explicit statement of "other creative means" in this commit https://github.com/npm/arborist/..., you don't talk like that when all other package managers are making creative workarounds for the design failure of node_modules.

I don't know what it is but I really hate this guy.

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    Oh man, these trolls... Well, I'm sure you don't need arborist if you have pnpm, right?
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    @vintprox Maybe try to understand people?

    I was using npm and this commit is the last straw to make me actually start moving away from everything related to him. The hate started from the comma first colon BS from last decade.

    Now if you would, pardon me and define what do you mean by troll.
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    @vicary well, the thing is I see the commit that forbids the "creative means" and can't stop cringing. It's pointless. So, I agree with you in a way: author of the commit is a troll.
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    @vintprox oh sorry for not getting what you meant, I was so infuriated... this guy really brings so much trouble to the world.

    Hack, look at all his bios, GitHub, Twitter, he is full of himself.
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