Accidentally executed "rm -rf /" while typing "rm -rf /mnt/test/" FML.

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    It should warn you and give you a prompt before executing
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    I always include -rf flags at the end, so I accidentally don't delete wrong directory
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    I always add the sudo part after I've typed everything, so that kind of thing doesn't happen. I've pressed the enter key instead of the backspace by accident many times before, so better safe than sorry
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    With great power comes great responsability
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    I always start rm -rf with a #, then read the line 10 times before removing the # and wiping the wrong directory anyway.
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    @monolithicblob Will do from now on.
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    @ste09 This one does. This one also walks into Mordor ocassionaly.
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    How's gitlab?
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    I never ever use a global path while deleting stuff. Just to make sure I only delete what I want to delete.
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