Microsoft Teams can burn.

Who the fuck thought it would be an excellent workflow, when you want to COLLABORATE IN TEAMS between users in different domains, that each sorry bastard needs to manually log in to a second Teams tenant and loose all the context from their main Teams tenant !?

On random occasions the fucking authentication token expires. I send messages to my team mate in another domain. Three days later I am pissed off because they don't answer. It turns out their authentication token has expired so when they are on their main tenant they don't get any notifications before they manually log in to our tenant as a guest. HOW FUCKING GREAT IS THAT AS A NOTIFICATION SYSTEM ??!

Would it be that fucking difficult to maintain a notification bar with all tenants and note with an exclamation mark or something REALLY FUCKING SIMPLE to hint about an expired token ? It's not like this is magic, Slack does it already.


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    Hehe yeah I love how Microsofts most important /successful online products don't work cross-company 🤣

    (Those being Teams and PowerBI)

    I wonder if it's an oversight, or they simply do not care
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    @jkommeren A third contestant appears: Incompetence
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    @dontbeevil I am sure they will find some way to fuck up.
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    @dontbeevil multi org support keeps coming for the last two or so years. I use Firefox and at my old job I was forced to keep Chrome open just for Teams because the bastards did not allow you to use certain features in FF. Needless to say that was a shit user experience.
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    Teams is successful just because they give it away for “free” to Office 365 subscribers
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    @dontbeevil "free" doesnt work in corporate. If they're paying enterprise support for Office365, they will most likely go with Teams insted of picking another solution and setting the whole model for another product.

    We're moving to Teams right now and even a simple IRC server would make me happier than this.
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    good luck
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