Anyone here work for a consultancy rather than an IT dept ?
I’m wondering if the grass is greener on your side of the industry

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    Consultancies are usually worse, not better. Since clients are often paying for the time directly, you're often squeezed on things and have a constant demand for more and more in less and less time.
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    my brother in law was a consultant, home office. he had to be available at any time to fix their shit if they came to him. even though it was well paid, he still walked out of that job
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    But at least you get to see many meadows, and can decided where you do find the least bullshit.
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    Timesheets suck.
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    @irene except my current job I’ve had timesheets in every role. You’re quite lucky if you can avoid them
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    @TrevorTheRat I am in one of my first roles without them. It is like a beautiful dream. It is insane how bad they can suck for some organizations.

    The worst I had was for a contracting company that subcontracted from other contracting companies.
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    @irene yeah they suck. Though my last place had them linked with azure devops so it would fill itself out. But I have no idea what they did with the info because we never bothered to estimate anything
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    Just for an update, after talking to one today I think I’ve discounted working in one.

    The salaries aren’t that much higher than other places, the pension is worse. The variety is good tho.

    Seems like overall it’s just as easy to get yourself a contract not suffer the tax impact. Plus you control what contracts you sign up for.
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