So we've got a gif that doesn't show up in our React Native application. Of course, the designers assume it's me: "are you sure the gif is in the codebase? how are you using it in your component"? yeah ok boomer. I'm like, look at this other gif, works fine. "oh" So I tell them, double check the export options on how you are building the gif, maybe there is something there. so now they are asking ME for those export options. I'M A DEV, NOT A DESIGNER, DO YOUR JOB AND FIGURE IT OUT. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT PROGRAM YOU ARE USING

oh as an aside, I was putting up a website for a client and they are like "my logo is quite similar to many others, is this something to worry about legally?" OH, SO NOW I'M A LAWYER TOO??!!?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE GOOGLE IS LITERALLY IN FRONT OF YOU

why do people continually think just because we can code we are fucking designers / lawyers / astronauts
/ god?
man this pisses me off - i think of that draw red lines with blue ink expert video, in the end, just smile and nod: "i can do... absolutely anything... trust me, I'm an expert"

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    Ah, I remember that video. That's exactly how it feels sometimes!
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    Trust me, I'm an engineer!
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    As a designer, I'd like to formally apologize for other designers who lack basic problem solving skills and run around with theyr trippleshot macchiato posh jumbo 👏🥲
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    Whenever I visit my Dad he'll place some electronic item or other in front of me and ask me if I can 'have a look at it' because I 'work with computers' - thing is he's invariably just unplugged it, so I end up "fixing" it, and the circle continues.
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