Job offer, searching for somebody with (amongst others):
- React, Angular
- Go
- Azure, Kubernetes, Redis
- Mongo, MySQL
- gRPC

Why do they want to fill 3-4 positions with a single person? I'm afraid I'm only 2 of those people they're searching for.

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    Yeah, that should be two positions: designer and dev. I mean, it’s not unreasonable to expect someone to work fullstack. Some organisations especially consist of small teams, where speliasiation isn’t really beneficial neccessarily
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    Yeah, or fullstack with design plus another person for infrastructure, I don't think I have ever came across anybody who would do all of those things at the same time
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    @msdsk ummm… yeah, well, that’s pretty much my job description.
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    😢 this isn't even a Monday for me. what is the go with all this "I can't handle more then 1 thing at a time" devs these days.

    To be clear I'm going to add php, AWS, mariadb, cosmodb, Python, C#, .NET, Java, a truck load of Salesforce, and pinch of Ruby on the side including your list, and then you may survive my job for a few days.
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    Whether that is one position or ten really depends on the workload.

    If you are expected to mostly do frontent web shit and also help maintaining some tools and devops stuff once in a while...

    But the real problem probably is, that that isn't the skill set they actually need but just a buzzword list some HR person came up with.
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    @Oktokolo Ah yes, I forgot to add, that person is supposed to work on 3 projects at the same time.
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    Kubernetes, Redis, Elasticsearch, Couchbase, MS Server, Jenkins but on which level? I use all of them but does it mean I know how to setup and configure all of them in a most beautiful way? Of course not. Most important part is knowing how they work and how to use them. So its a big plus for company if you have some experience working with them, not neccessarily master them.

    What about UI/UX? Yes, you need to have some knowledge about it if you are developing front-end. Because not every little adjustments were gonna come from actual UI/UX designer. Some PO's will ask you to do that little adjustment without asking UI/UX designer and you have to reject it because you cant make a button more bigger without asking an actual designer. So it doesn't mean you are gonna desing whole application but again, its a big plus if you have some knowledge about it.
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